Non Stick Oven Mesh
The PTFE shop brings you the remarkable non stick baking tray liner that simply won't let food stick to it. Our non stick baking sheet material is great for baking scones, cookies, biscuits as well as rolling out pastries. Its easy clean non stick coating means icing, marzipan and chocolate will easily wipe away with ease. It can easily be cut and line the walls of a baking tin for easy release of cakes and pies. Helps keep you baking tins clean and prevents cleaning and it can be cleaned with soapy water or put in a dish washer. The high temperature non stick PTFE coating will withstand temperatures of up to 260°C and allow for easy cleaning when you've finished with it. Can easily be cut to size with scissors to fit your tray.

Baking Sheets

Baking Tray Liner 0.08mm
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Baking Tray Liner 0.13mm
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