Baking Tray Liner - 0.08mm Thick

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Remarkable non-stick baking sheets that simply will not let food stick. Our baking sheet material is great for baking scones, cookies, biscuits as well as being used for the rolling out of pastry. Supplied in packs of 4
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General Info
The baking sheets have a non-stick coating which means that icing sugar, marzipan and chocolate will wipe away with ease.
The sheets can be very easily cut into shape to be used to line numerous sizes of cake tins and trays. They can also be used to line a grill pan to catch melted cheese and other hard to remove foods, saving on hours of cleaning.
The non-stick baking sheet helps keep your baking and roasting tins clean, simply wipe after use with soapy water or place in the dishwasher.
The high temperature non-stick PTFE coating will withstand temperatures of up to 260°C and temperatuures as low as -73°C so if you need to place something in the freezer to set, then these PTFE sheets can also be used to stop them sticking to the tray

0.08mm Thick - Material: Tefsil® 3 - Supplied in Packs of 4
• Reference: Tefsil 3 • Thickness: 0.08mm
• Glass Style: Singles • Weave: Plain
• Base Weight: 49g/m2 • Coated Weight: 150g/m2
• PTFE Coating: 68% • Surface Texture: Smooth
• Tensile Warp: 180 • Tensile Weft: 140