Industrial Products

The vast majority we manufacture are from PTFE coated fabrics and material, which includes PTFE coated fibre glass and PTFE coated aramid. Polyester mesh and rubber which are specific to round hay bale making machines (Balers)

• Identification on belts - particularly useful if batch numbers, custom branding or references are required by the end user or resellers. Ideal where provision of quality control and traceability is essential
• Specialist cast film laminate belts for cooking applications where heat and fat can cause issues
• Various types of fastening options
• Up to 5200mm width on open mesh
• Edge reinforcement
Our belts are widely used in the food industry for a range of applications including:
Continuous Contact Grilling, Food Drying Belts, Tortilla and Pizza Dough Processing, Salad and Vegetable Washing, (USFDA Approved)

We also supply into industries such as:
Band Heat Sealing Belts, Hygiene Roll Packaging, Textile Fusing & Laminating, Screen Printing, Rubber Extrusion

Specialist High Performance Tapes

We have an extensive range of specialist high performance tapes in stock and ready to ship, which include:

PTFE Our most popular tape with a PTFE coated fibreglass and a silicone pressure sensitive adhesive.
UHMW Our UHMW tapes are offered up to 610mm wide and are supplied on 33m coils.
Skived PTFE Skived PTFE tape is made from pure, non-reinforced PTFE for certain applications where extended life is required.
PTFE Zone Tapes PTFE zone tapes are made in house on our specialist machine to meet your requirements. We manufacture the tapes from PTFE coated glass cloths that have double sided adhesive strips down each edge on one surface, leaving the centre clear.
PTFE Barrier Tapes Similar to the zone tapes above, with a glass re-inforced single sided tape that overhangs the edge.
Strip 'n' Stick Silicone Sponge Tape Available on 9m rolls and can be slit to width from 20mm upwards
Our large inventory of roll goods are available in most widths and are ready to be slit to customer order. The slitting and converting is a full time operation. We therefore aim to have the majority of slit tape orders dispatched the same day for next day UK delivery.


Our specialist materials, tailored to your exact needs are generally split into three main categories.

Closed Weave PTFE Coated Fabrics
These type of materials are non-mesh types and can be used as cut sheets for example. Thicker grades are often made in to conveyor belts and can be used for many different applications. The thickness ranges from 0.08mm right up to 0.9mm.
Open Mesh PTFE Coated Fabrics
Our open mesh range of products are either used as sheets or can be made into finished conveyor belts. Generally our stock widths, depending on type , are: 5200mm, 4000mm and 2750mm wide. We can offer any length required on special order however we do hold large stock roll lengths of up to 60 metres.
Polyester Monofilament Mesh
This specialist material is stocked and used for manufacturing finished belts and is ideal for drying machines that do not operate at temperatures above 120 degrees Celsius.