Urban AKS6600 Sheets 205mm x 290mm

SKU: 620947467560
Techbelt manufactures release sheets compatible with all URBAN UPVC window welding machines. All URBAN compatible sheets offered by Techbelt are made in house. This gives us full control over our process and quality.

We use a high strength Aramid (Kevlar) sewing yard to secure the folded ends, ensuring they will not come loose.

This sheet size will suit: URBAN AKS6600

Finished size: 205mm x 290mm

Please be aware that any use of trademarks and tradenames are purely to advise the types of machines our products will fit.

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UPVC Release Sheets 205mm x 290mm By Urban – Applications
• Packaging • PTFE Adhesive Tapes
• Printing • Open Weave Mesh Belting
• Textiles • Closed Weave and Mesh Belting
• UPVC Window Welding • Non and Self Adhesive Materials
Features & Benefits UPVC Release Sheets 205mm x 290mm By Urban
The properties of the PTFE coated materials ensure that the fabrics are an excellent choice for use with cooling chambers and freezing temperatures as well as high thermal environments. The PTFE is coated on to either a fibre glass or Kevlar substrate. Both offer high levels of temperature resistance; however the Kevlar can be beneficial in applications where strength is required or steam is present
Material Properties UPVC Release Sheets 205mm x 290mm
• Chemical inertness: affected only by a few rare substances at very high temperatures • High release from sticky materials ‘non-stick’
• Easy cleaning (nothing bonds permanently) • Low friction co-efficient: 0.04 – 0.10; depending on load and surface speed
• Chemical corrosion and moisture resistance • Mildew and fungus resistance
• Outstanding electrical and dielectric properties • Ultra-violet, infra-red, microwave and radio frequency resistance
• Non-combustible – self extinguishing • Low thermal expansion: <5%
• Reference: Tefsil 6 • Thickness: 0.15mm
• Glass Style: Singles • Weave: Plain
• Base Weight: 106g/m2 • Coated Weight: 305g/m2
• PTFE Coating: 66% • Surface Texture: Smooth
• Tensile Warp: 270 • Tensile Weft: 240