After Market Bosch Rotary Heat Sealing Bands (Multi Pack)

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Our sealing bands are made from high performance PTFE coated materials that are specifically designed in house. The belts are made to specifically fit your Bosch heat sealing machine. Please note that the products we manufacture are not genuine OEM parts. We only reference the brand Bosch as a way to inform you the machine make our sealing bands are suited for in terms of size and specification. Our rotary sealing bands are made by taking two plies of our special bronze coloured PTFE coated glass cloth and heat bonding them to create a double layer. The twin layer band means the joint area has a uniform thickness the same as the rest of the belt. The key advantage to this is that there will be no mark off on to the product when the joint area comes in to contact with the product being sealed. Our special bronze bands have a modified PTFE coated surface that has been extensively tested and proven to offer extended life over standard Tefsil 3 2 ply brown bands. Most of the rotary sealing bands on the market today tend to be in brown (Tefsil 3) which does not have the modified surface.

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PTFE heat sealing belts are used for heat sealing bags, packets and air pillows along with many other related products.
The sealing of pet food products, medical packaging and air filled packaging all utilise dual ptfe heat sealing bands for the process.
Features & Benefits
Two layers of specialist ptfe coated fabrics are used to ensure no extra thickness at the joint area. This means no effected heat tranfer issues as a result.
Techbelt has the flexibility to make these belts at dimensions to fit any machine on todays market.
Material Properties
• High temperature resistant - up to 260°C
• Excellent release properties
• Exceptional chemical resistance
Additional Information
Available in widths up to 300mm, manufactured in various thicknesses and weights
If your requirements are not available to purchase online please contact our sales team on +44 (0)1422 366386
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• Reference: Tefsil 3 Bronze - 2 Ply • Colour: Bronze
• Standard width: Various • Tensile strength: 2000 N/5cm
• Thickness: 0.15mm • Temperature resistance: 260°C
• Weight: 300g/m2    
Standard Belt Sizes
Below are the standard sizes for Bosch machines. We can manufacture endless / seamless belts to custom sizes on request please contact us with your requirements for a price or if you require any further information regarding these products.
Bosch Part Number Size Material Supplied in Packs of
8-110-943-947 12mm x 1500mm Tefsil 3 Bronze 2 Ply 16
8-110-920-005 35mm x 4803mm Tefsil 3 Bronze 2 Ply 16
8-110-910-200 24mm x 1500mm Tefsil 3 Bronze 2 Ply 16
8-110-656-773 14mm x 1498mm Tefsil 3 Bronze 2 Ply 16
8-110-625-398 32mm x 2152mm Tefsil 3 Bronze 2 Ply 10
603132 24mm x 3352mm Tefsil 3 Bronze 2 Ply 12
472278 12mm x 2152mm Tefsil 3 Bronze 2 Ply 16
401095 24mm x 2152mm Tefsil 3 Bronze 2 Ply 12
380027 25.4mm x 4112mm Tefsil 3 Bronze 2 Ply 12
339529 25.4mm x 3358mm Tefsil 3 Bronze 2 Ply 12
281876 19mm x 1232mm Tefsil 3 Bronze 2 Ply 15
270175 25.4mm x 2432mm Tefsil 3 Bronze 2 Ply 12
Download Tefsil 3 Bronze Product Data Sheet
These heat sealing bands are manufactured out of 2 plies of this material