Aftermarket Dryer Belts for Relax Machine

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Techbelt manufactures a wide range relax dryer belts. They can be made to suit all dryer types including, Dilmenler, Ruckh, Santex, plus many more. The main structure of the belt is an open mesh fiberglass. The PTFE coating prevents product build up from sticking to it's surface for easy cleaning. Please check the size before ordering. Please note the lead time is 7 working days for us to manufacture. Please call if required sooner.
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Relax dryer belts are used to shrink and stabalise fabrics whilst being dried. The fabrics can be subject to many stressed when being processed with dying and washing being a major contributor of this. After this stage the fabric needs to be relaxed, which is done by exposing the material to warm air through a dryer.
There are many brands of dryers on the market which we can manufacture a belt to suit here at our factory in the UK.
Features & Benefits
• PTFE open mesh conveyor belting is light weight and cost effective therefore is easy to handle and less expensive than wire alternatives that can be difficult to replace.
• Often supplied with a bullnose loop or spiral fastener belts can easily be removed and replaced therefore minimising downtime and saving money.
• This material can be offered in widths up to 5200mm wide.
• The belts come complete with edges reinforced and a Bullnose loop joint
Material Properties
• High temperature resistant - up to 260°C
• Excellent release properties
• Exceptional chemical resistance
Additional Information
Available in widths up to 5200mm, manufactured in various thicknesses and weights. If your requirements are not available to purchase online please contact our sales team on +44 (0)1422 366386

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• Reference: GM2-95-AS (4x4) • Colours: Black
• Standard width: Up to 4000mm • Tensile strength: 3800 N/5cm
• Thickness: 0.95mm • Temperature resistance: 260°C
• Weight: 546g/m2