UHMW PE Film Tape 0.178mm TES 13

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EAN: 620947466143
UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) polyethylene tape is similar to our PTFE Heat Seal tape but provides a much higher abrasion resistant surface as well as being low in friction and non-stick
Supplied in 33 metre rolls - please select width
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UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) polyethylene tapes can be used as an abrasion-resistant, anti-stick, anti friction surface at temperatures up to 82°C. UHMWfilm tape is frequently used to line chutes and conveyors. This is often applied to guide rails to reduce noise levels in places such as bottling plants. UHMW tape is also used to replace desk drawer bearings to provide silky smooth, friction-free drawer movement.

UHMW tape exhibits excellent abrasion resistance and it has a low coefficient of friction, making it an excellent protector for surfaces or bearings that experience heavy wear. The high temperature high tack rubber adheres readily to most dry, clean surfaces, firmly anchoring the product in place.
Material Properties
• Translucent with a blue release liner • High release from sticky materials 'non-stick'
• Easy cleaning • Lightweight and energy efficient for economical use
General Info
We slit all our tapes and PTFE coated glass cloth products in house and can offer roll widths from 10mm to 610mm wide at lengths of 33m, so if the size you require is not listed then please contact our sales office at Techbelt on: +44 (0)1422 366386 to discuss your requirements. Techbelt also offer other products such as ptfe adhesive tapes which are slit from stock.
• Reference: TES-13 • Material: Polyolefin Film
• Total Thickness: 0.178mm • Backing Thickness: 0.127mm
• Adhesive Thickness: 0.051mm • Adhesive Type: Thermosetting Rubber
• Elongation %: 350 • Surface Texture: Smooth
• Operating Temp: -40 to +107°C • Coefficient of Friction: 0.11 to 0.25