GORE™ TENARA® Thread can improve the performance of a variety of products where seam life and integrity are of the utmost importance. This thread will not break down due to exposure to the elements, and therefore it is ideally suited for use in a variety of outdoor and marine fabric applications.Avoid seam-splitting and re-sewing costs by looking for TENARA® Sewing Thread in a variety of quality products. Or, if you do need to have something re-sewn - ask for TENARA® Sewing Thread by name!

Tenara thread can be uses for the following applications:

  • Hobbyist and enthusiast
  • Convertible tops
  • Canine sports equipment
  • Camping equipment, tarps and tents
  • Equestrian equipment
  • Flag manufacturing
  • Tennis and football nets
  • Trampolines
  • Gore™ Tenara® Sewing Thread

    Tenara Sewing thread