PTFE (Teflon) Belt Welding Iron

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We manufacture two sizes of PTFE (Teflon) coated fabric hand welders. The shorter unit is ideal for making small joints on PTFE belts in situ on a machine or welding patches to belts that have been running on machines and are in need of a quick repair. The larger welding iron is generally used for manufacturing and patching PTFE coated architectural membrane structures.

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Our Teflon welding iron can be used for welding together the joints on Teflon conveyor belting. It can also be used to apply permanent patches to the surface of damaged belts.
Features & Benefits
• Light weight and easy to use, this iron will allow the fast welding of belts on site. This benefits if production down time is to be kept to a minimum.
• Comes with seperate control box that allows you to set the heat to the desired temperature. This will operate up to 400 Degree Celsius.
• It comes with a heat proof stand. This allows the iron to be situated in a safe place while not in use.
Material Properties
● Lighweight base ● Comfortable handle ● Easy to use
Additional Information
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• Model HWI 155 / HWI 355
• Max Temperature 380°C
• Max Weld Length 155mm / 355mm
• Power 500 watt / 1000 watt