Oven Liner / Aga Liner / Heavy Duty

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Are you fed up having to prise off that stuck on burnt food at the bottom of your oven or Aga? Then look no further than our heavy duty non-stick liner. Our over liner is made using a super duty PTFE coated fiberglass. This is thicker than the liner offered by Lakeland and Aldi. The benefit to this is that the oven liner will last longer giving you value for money. The great feature about our liner is that it will catch any spills or splashes from boiled over food and can easily be wiped cleaned with soapy water. Please ensure the liner in your oven is cool before doing this! The non-stick liner will operate at a constant temperature of 260 degree C which is higher than the maximum temperature of most domestic ovens. Because we have vast stocks of this material we can cut this to any size you require so please call us if your size is not listed below.

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Techbelt oven / Aga liner is not a low cost alternative but an industrial grade PTFE coated glass cloth non-stick material as used by some of the worlds largest food manufacturing companies and we bring this straight to your home.

This industrial grade non-stick oven liner is easily cleaned with either soapy water or in a dishwasher and it can last for years.
Some of the many advantages
• Heat Resistant up to 260°C
• Can be easily cut with scissors
• Chemical resistant
• Will last for years
• Industrial grade
General Info
All our materials are cut in house, so if you have a specific size requirement please contact our sales office on: +44 (0)1422 366386 who will be happy to help with your enquiry.

**PLEASE NOTE - not to be used when the heating elements are at the base of your oven or Aga.

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• Thickness: 0.19mm • Weight: 355g/m2
• % Coating: 44 • Warp tensile strength: 2500 N/5cm
• Warp tear resistance 30 N • Coating Adhesion (N/5cm): N.A
• Surface Resistance (Ω /m2): Insulative • Operating temperature: -72 to +260°C